Homeowner Deductions

Things Homeowners Overlook or Forget That Could Cost Thousands!

Medical/Dental/Optometry Deductions:

  1. Medical & hospital insurance premiums and fees to doctors, dentists,specialists, surgeons, etc.
  2. Medical Mileage (total for year)
  3. Prescription medicines
  4. Psychiatric and psychological treatment
  5. Eye-glass, contact lenses exams and supplies, hearing aids, crutches, and wheelchairs
  6. Birth Control pills prescribed by a doctor
  7. Eye surgery, stop-smoking programs
  8. Treatment at drug/alcohol center (including meals & lodging provided by center)
  9. Transportation for medical care
  10. Vasectomy, Nursing services wages
  11. Special education for mentally or physically disabled persons
  12. Medical equipment costs needed for home medical care
  13. Certain fertility enhancement procedures
  14. Weight-loss expenses for obesity
  15. Diagnostic devices
  16. Organ donor expenses
  17. Guide dogs or other aiding devices 
  18. Hospital, therapy, surgery, nursing fees
  19. Lead based paint removal
  20. Legal abortion costs, Long-term care contracts, Bandages
  21. Meals & lodging provided by a hospital during medical treatment
  22. Oxygen and oxygen equipment
  23. Life-care fee paid to retirement home designated for medical care

Taxes & Interest Paid:

  1. Real Estate Taxes
  2. Personal Property taxes (i.e., on Vehicles, vacation homes, land, boats,airplanes, etc.)
  3. Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  4. Mortgage Interest paid & Points
  5. New Purchase, Refinance or Sale of Property - Hud-1 (closing statement)
  6. Payback of 1st Time homebuyer credit ($500 per year)

Charitable Donations:

1. Cash/Check/Credit Cards donations to non-profit organizations

2. Non-monetary donations to non-profit organizations

3. Charitable Mileage (Volunteer mileage total for year)

Other Deductions:

  1. Gambling losses (to extent of winnings)
  2. Energy Savings Purchases/Financed (insulation, doors, windows, electrical, gas, solar water heating, solar roof panels certification-finance agreement or purchase contract, etc...)

*If you claimed itemizations in previous year, be sure to report any previous year state refund received

*If you received the $7500 1st time homebuyer credit for a home purchased in 2008, you must begin repaying the credit in 2010


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